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Destination You – Your Most Important Journey is the Journey Within

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

When you go on a journey, there is one person who always travels with you: you! Each and every journey is about you in a way - but Destination You is your journey toward the real you. It is designed especially for you. It was created for your development and your enrichment. Destination You is meant to be inspiring and exciting! It shows you the path to becoming exceptional: by discovering the greatness that is already within.

Your Greatest Journey

There are so many reasons for starting a journey:

  • You might want to discover new places, or revisit beloved places.

  • You need some time off to relax or to have fun – or both!

  • You may long to be with yourself, to connect, to reload, to explore . . .

Why not start your personal development journey the way you would a physical journey? Be excited about what you’ll discover, or leave some bad stuff behind. Travel to beautiful places inside yourself that you were not aware existed.

There are so many reasons to travel, and I believe it is always worth it to look for new insights or be open to new horizons. Life is a journey, and Destination YOU is so worth it!

Search for new parts, revisit old parts. Reconnect with places you have forgotten about.

Discover the true you. Remember your story. Your life is a journey and the ultimate destination is you! Becoming the true self, the awakened “you,” and being aligned with your heart, mind, soul and purpose is the greatest journey any of us can take.

There is No “Right” Way to Travel, Only Your Way . . .

Always remember that it is your road you are travelling. Sure, there are people who join you on your way – they might stay with you your whole life, they might accompany you for just a while. They might even leave you at a crossroads or unexpectedly. But since it is your road, you can be thankful and grateful for those who joined you because you learned something valuable from each of them.

Sometimes you must stop to get orientation. Sometimes you follow the paths of others. Sometimes you lead! There are even sometimes you just go and try, not knowing where you may end up. However, only you can walk your life path. No one else can walk it for you. Just think, if you always follow others you might not leave any footprints.

Your life is a journey of adventures and discoveries. It should be of service to yourself and others – and it must be travelled no matter how bad the roads are sometimes or how bad the weather might be. Always know there will be another day because the sun and the moon are showing up - no matter what.

Try not to be only focused on the finish line – enjoy the whole journey. There are problems to solve, lessons to learn, and experiences to be lived and enjoyed. Enjoy each and every moment.

Not everybody is going to understand your journey – especially because they haven’t walked your path. Always decide what is best for you. Filling your cup first is the only true way to serve others fully. Nurture yourself without ignoring others and their needs. You can serve yourself and serve others! Serving from a full cup is the real deal because it means there is always enough to go around.

Being and becoming the best version of ourselves - energetic , awesome, loving, kind and humble – is the true “finish line.” Figure out whatever is of real value for yourself and then you can bring the best of yourself when you are with others.

Travelling to Destination You

Getting up each day with a big smile on your face? Feeling good and smiling for no reason?

Do you want this? Not all day, every day, but at least some of your day? Go out and live this life – stay curious and be bold! Keep the good memories, learn from the bad and live life to the fullest!

Are you curious where Destination You will bring you?


I invite you to download my free booklet and start your journey today. Destination You is a self-exploration journey designed to help you think about who you really are. With the Destination You booklet, you can take the space and time you need to explore the self you actually are and the self you hope to become. Sit in a place you love with your favorite drink at hand, and work through the booklet at your own pace. You are going to be travelling through your life and all the unique parts and pieces that make you – YOU.

If you reach a bumpy place or discover you need some help – reach out! I am here to guide you on your journey.

You are unique – YOU matter and you are Loved and kissed by the universe!!

Yours truly,


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