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Decisions, Decisions – The Hidden Power of Decision Making

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Have you ever thought about the fact that in life, everything starts with a decision? It can be hard sometimes when it seems like things just happen to us, or that certain decisions seem “out of our control.”

When you really think about it, though, you’ll realize it’s true! Because even when a situation forces you to make a decision, it’s still YOU who gets to decide.

A quote that is famously attributed to Oprah Winfrey states, “Nothing happens until you decide. Make a decision and watch your life move forward.“

Each morning there is a new chance to decide, and to move your life forward according to your choosing – and you are the one who has to make the decision.

What kind of day will it be?

What will I do today? If there are things I have to do today, how will I approach them?

What type of day do I want to have?

And so on – so many decisions you can make, and all before you even climb out of bed in the morning!

Life is a series of decisions! Every day you are presented with choices, from what to eat to what to wear to who you will spend time with.

The best part? Each new day is another chance to make the same decisions or new decisions, and you get to choose which ones feel best to you! YOU are in charge and you get to own your decisions.

Sometimes making a new or different decision can feel scary, but that’s what makes life beautiful. Some days you will make those new decisions even though you feel fear and it could change everything.

And, yes, the idea that “you are always one decision away from a different life” is absolutely true! You can always decide differently, and different decisions will produce different reactions and consequences.

The Path You Take is the Path You Choose

I believe in the concept of life as a pathway.

You walk through life, and along the way you come to crossings.

It’s just like taking a walk in the woods, maybe in a part of the forest you haven’t been to before. As you walk, you will come to a place where two paths cross, and you get to decide which path you take.

One may lead you to a beautiful walk along the river’s edge.

The other may lead you to an invigorating hike that ends on a hilltop, where you have a breathtaking view.

You didn’t know what the outcome was going to be when you chose the path, all you knew was that either choice would take you somewhere new and possibly exciting.

There may be hard parts – rocky parts – challenging hills – along the way, but the reward is great no matter which path you chose.

When you come to the crossing in the path in the woods, just like when you come to a crossing in life, you have to make a decision. Due to this decision, you follow what looks like the best or most interesting path at that moment.

Deciding Helps You Live Life Into the Future!

We all know that in life there could be different choices - and those different choices might have led us to different places, different people, and so on – but it is not possible to live life in retrospective. We learn from all we do and reflection is a human privilege . . . but we are not meant to live life backwards!

Sometimes we all have moments where we think about a decision we made and how life could have been . . . but when we get lost in maybes, should haves, and would haves, we find it harder to fulfill our lives (and to get things done).

When we come to a crossing and there is a decision to be made, we choose the best we can with the information we have right now. There is no wrong choice, just as there was no wrong path in the woods. Each path – in the woods and in life - had something to teach us!

The great thing about life is that each morning when your alarm sounds, you have the chance to continue dreaming (make the same, familiar decisions) or to stand up to turn your dreams into reality.

Each decision you make today (and every day for the rest of your life) has the potential to change your life in big ways and small ways.

You have the power to decide!

Do you have decisions in your life that you would like some insight into or guidance as you make them? I invite you to contact me if you need support. Reach out – let’s talk! Book an appointment or schedule your free 1st touch call through my website.

Take care and keep making those decisions toward your best path in life, because YOU matter!

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