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Think inside the box.

Think outside the box.


What if - there was no box?

What does this simple exercise do to your mind?

Reframing– it’s the art of looking at things in a new or different way.

There are situations and moments in your life where you might need this. When you are stuck, when you are overwhelmed, or when you feel bad about something, reframing can give you a different view. New views lead to new thoughts, and new ways to solve issues!

Because if you want to change, you must go above and beyond what is already known. You must see past your story.

The “inside the box stuff?” It’s only “inside your head!”

The definition of reframing:

Reframe -verb- gerund or present participle: reframing

1.      Place, support or enclosure (a picture or photograph) in a new or different frame.

2.      Frame or express (words or a concept or plan) differently.

3.      To look at, present, or think of (beliefs, ideas, relationships, etc) in a new or different way: reframe age from this new perspective…..

4.      (Photography) to change the focus or perspective of (a view) through a lens

5.      To say (something) in a different way: reframe the question.

Source: Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers

Reframing Changes How You See Things

Different shades of grey – the inner square looks different -right?

Another shade of grey J

But it’s not!  It’s the same tone. It just appearsdifferent, due to the different frame. And this is what reframing does - things appear different and this makes a change.

Look at this advertisement on the left. This is the typical branding experience! It happens every day. This is just a sneaker. How much would you pay for it?May be not that much?And now look to the right. This square is in colour and has the Nike brand.

This changes your perception. The brand differentiates the product – it gives it another frame and immediately it becomes something else: a worthysneaker. Because the advertiser made it worthy with another frame. That simple, effective tweak lead you to think differently about the sneaker on the right. With this one small change, the worth seems higher and your willingness to pay is easier!

In personal cases, it might be easier to quit or even love something you didn’t like before - because now you see it different.Just a little excursion into branding and the psychology behind it.

How can you use reframing?

Reframing is a tool that became well known as an NLP Technique. For those who are interested there is a book from Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Reframing: NLP and the Transformation of Meaning.

Reframing in this sense is defined as the intention to change behavior and emotions, and it is revealed simply as a change of perspective – “reframing.”

It is a great tool in the right hands! It can even be used in the face of traumata to help stop someone from suffering, because it gives them the possibility to see “it” different and allow a more healthy approach to problems.

I use the technique (and of course other techniques and methodologies from different fields in psychology) to help my clients overcome their struggles. One important note: I would never recommend to start with traumata for someone who is not well educated and experienced in this field.

But you can use it for smaller issues or to just help people rethink things, and maybe react differently.

I even used it myself for my AGE blog! I simply came up with another approach to defining AGE. Age: Attention Great Experience! Or Age: Attitude Gratitude Energy! Instead of thinking of aging people as “done,” or not useful to their company or for their job anymore, it allows you to think differently. Thinking differently can lead to feeling and even acting differently about something.

In this youth obsessed culture, I think this is a nice new label to give the concept of AGE. It recognizes what older people have accomplished.

It is just a fresh and charming perspective. Right?

Simple Ways You Can Learn to Reframe

If you find yourself struggling with something, start by reframing it. One way to teach yourself to start using reframing is to check good quotes and tweak them using this technique.

Do it with small quotes or sentences.

“You are not . . . (rich, married, bold, confident, good at blank).”

The above statement has quite a bad meaning. It immediately leaves you with a bad feeling.

But if you say it another way:

“You are not . . . (rich, married, bold, confident, good at it) YET!”

What a difference in one word!

If you or someone else is coming up with something you are not, just add the word “YET!”Just do it. Do it daily. Feed your brain with it! And immediately you are in a different mind state and energy.

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

A lot of us know this picture. It is a test. Do you see the old or young woman? Your answer will depend on where you have your focus. If you are young and searching for a partner you might immediately see the young woman. If you are dealing with age issues, you might see the old woman. Both are possible!

It depends where you bring your focus. This also helps you think about reframing.

Where did you bring your focus?

What story did it lead you to?

As soon as your thinking and focus shifts, you come up with different ideas. This leads to a different understanding and even different feelings.

Try another example

What do these dots ………….. stand for?

What if the dots stand for people who were shot in a war?

What if the dots stand for all the great things you have accomplished?

Two different meanings, two different understandings and feelings!

Even hard topics like death can be reframed. Some cultures think differently about death than others. Some celebrate the entry in a new space, while some think it is the end.

Different perspectives and possibilities come to your mind.

There are always those who think different from other people, or who believe in different things. Sometimes this thinking and believing can be misunderstood, but innovation and progress come from thinking and seeing things different. Thinking “outside the box” or believing there is no box is how the great inventions, improvements and ways of thinking have been discovered!

You can start that way, too. There is always one who sees it different. Why can it not be you seeingyoudifferent?

Give it a try and do this for quite a while. Over time, you will be able to use this technique to:

·         Change an issue

·         Make you feel better

·         Turn something into a healthier habit.

It’s the start of a new understanding, and it could be a start of a new life!

If there are more underlying problems or you are struggling with bigger issues – feel free to reach out for coaching. You can start with your free elevation call!!

Because YOU matter!

Yours truly,


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