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The Difference between Accomplished and Exceptional!

Yesterday I saw the soccer World Cup match between Spain and Portugal – which ended 3:3 – and it was quite a good result showcasing the excellence on both sides.

There were 2 teams on the field whose players are the best of their nations – they were

allaccomplished. But only one player was exceptional - CR7 for those who are familiar with soccer – Christiano Ronaldo.

Even if you’re not familiar with World Cup soccer, you understand this:

There is a difference between exceptional and accomplished in all areas of our lives.

If you look at an amazing piece of art – listen to a great concert – touch cashmere - smell roses - taste chocolate cakes – whatever it is - if you enjoy it and it excites you or surprises you in a positive way – it is something that has the possibility to be awesome, special, exceptional.

Excitement, surprise, enjoyment and exception – they all come together and make it special. It is something you experience, an immediate feeling, and then you value or judge it.

Something or someone can be exceptional or accomplished. A task can be accomplished. Someone can be accomplished in his capabilities.

Per definition what does accomplished mean?

Highly trained or skilled in a particular activity:

"accomplished pianist“

an elegant and "accomplished woman”

talented, skilled, gifted, experienced, expert, masterly, trained, competent, well educated, achieve or complete, execute, finish – “they accomplished their mission.”

And exceptional?

Forming an exception or rare instance, extraordinary: “the weather was exceptional for January.” Or unusually excellent, superior: “an exceptional athlete,” or being (intellectually) gifted or educated as a child, rare, awesome, outstanding, phenomenal, unbelievable…

How do you become exceptional?

All of us have accomplished something – school, university, a specific project, developed a talent… and this is already something we can be proud of and should celebrate!Accomplished means: mission completed, done!

It gives you the feeling you are done. This is the most interesting aspect because that can lead to stagnation. We have earned a degree, for example, and sometimes, sadly, we don’t even make use of it.

“Accomplished” is something we have a proof of. It is a bit more difficult when it comes to “exceptional.”

With being or becoming exceptional, it is different because it doesn’t have “done” as a way to measure it. It is a constant process of striving to be the best and become even better. You always have to

work on it, it is ongoing, it is a process, it is about becoming and being. But only if you are

really determined and willing to do whatever is needed – and do it again, and again, and again . . .

You need to have a vision or a dream, you have to be on a mission, you follow the path of your purpose, you have to figure out your strength, your skills, your talents - and you have to want to live them .

You have to be open for feedback, curious and willing to excel. To work and train and go the extra mile - regardless of any obstacles.

So, if you strive for excellence or fulfillment, make the decision to go for your goals! Get rid of the blocks that hinder you – ask for support – reach out for a coach. Those who are exceptional have a support system and a great coach at their side because they provide them with valuable insights and feedback.

But remember it is your willingness that sets you apart from those who accomplish!

Having people who support you and admire you is one thing - feeling exceptional on the inside is another thing and will give you the extra kick.

Some who have never accomplished things may try to discourage you from achieving excellent things. Don’t listen to them! Start doing, learn, try, accomplish . . . and then strive for excellence.

Each of us is unique and can become exceptional in something – you don’t have to be

famous for this – just use your skills, make the most out of it and make your dreams come true.

It is your life – YOU matter! You've got this!⭐️

If you are interested in becoming exceptional and want help, schedule your 1st Touch Call with me today! I can help you get from “accomplished” to “exceptional!”

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