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Why The Hell Not?!!

I want you to think about something for a moment: something you’ve always wanted to do, try or learn.

That hobby you’ve always wanted to take up.

The trip you’ve always dreamed of going on.

The non-profit you’ve thought about starting.

Heck, even those cute shoes you wanted to buy, but didn’t.

What do all these things have in common?

They’re all things we want to do, but don’t. We talk about them, maybe even start to plan for them, and then life gets in the way and we tell ourselves, “Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe next year.”

And tomorrow comes, and next week, and then it’s been a year - ten years! - and we’re no closer than we were.

But what if there was something else you could say? Something you could tell yourself that would open the door to whatever it is you want to do, have or be?

Why the Hell not!?

Whenever you are faced with something new or something you would love to try out,

ask yourself this question!

It may seem funny, but if you really stop and think about it, are the reasons you’re giving yourself to not do the thing you want to do actually reasons? Or just excuses? If you ask yourself Why the hell not, you are sure to find at least one (probably more) reasons to go for it!


Should I follow my heart? Should I try this new thing? Should I do something different? Should I say yes or no?

The truth is, life is boring if you always do the same, act the same, dress the same, live the

same way. Unfortunately, it’s so easy in modern society to get stuck in a rut, to do the same thing day in and day out, and to keep putting those special, fun, interesting or even slightly scary things off for a rainy day - or when you have more money - or more time - or when the kids are older.

So many rational sounding reasons to stay in the same rut.

So - WHY THE HELL NOT do or act differently?

Sometimes, decisions can seem only black and white, yes or no, one or the other – but there are a lot of shades of grey! 😀

Each time you are insecure or you cannot decide – ask yourself – WHY THE HELL NOT?

Of course, if there is a huge voice telling you not to do something (because you will go directly to hell) or there are good reasons for not trying it out - it’s illegal and you might be arrested - well, that is not the time to go for it. Just don’t do it!


If it is only that pesky “I am not sure – bla bla bla” voice – then it will be good to

say it, and mean it –


This question might be THE small little nudge you need to act different and get what

you want!

Buy the damn shoes.

Leave the people that suck.

Go for purple instead of black.

It is your life, it is your choice - always!!

In short: stop worrying and do what YOU want!

I encourage you to try it. Just say it, even out loud, the next time you find you’re holding yourself back from something you want, something you care about, something fun, something you’ve always wanted to try.

Say “Why the hell not?” and you might find yourself feeling something that’s been missing, something you haven’t felt in a while in your adult life:


That’s right, when you give yourself permission to throw caution into the wind and say “Why the HELL not? life might become fun again.

I hope you give it a try, maybe on something small to start, because I’m rooting for you to have fun with life and enjoy yourself!

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