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Sabine is an advanced and experienced trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant.


She is always keen to learn and develop herself. That way, she knows that she can give her best to help others to successfully and happily achieve their goals.


Performance and happiness are not contradictory! As a former athlete, Sabine knows exactly how to perform and deliver – even under difficult circumstances. Sabine’s private life has provided her with many situations that helped her grow, learn, and become a stronger person. These situations also taught her how to be grateful for a great business and life despite the times of challenging circumstances, allowing her to bring wisdom and
compassion to her clients.

She is a Master of Science in Psychology working in the areas of business, sports, and clinical. Her wish is to always become better in serving people, and that is also her motivation to show excellence in her job. Her coaching practice incorporates techniques and tools from the fields of behavioral Science, Positive Psychology, Organizational Communications, NLP, and systemic thinking.

Her broad expertise and knowledge in working with corporate clients, athletes and private clients is key! She uses her experience to help you profit from her knowledge and get the best support and advice for your ambitions and goals.


She is a lover of people, animals, nature, and life in general. She believes in kindness as a basis for a good life. She wants to help you embrace life and the next chapter - and make the absolute best of it. Perception, decision, action – go for it!



“If you quit learning you quit being best.”


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